I just wanted to give all of you a brief update on my appointment.  I cannot believe how many people have committed to pray for our family during this time.  To say that it is humbling would be a drastic misrepresentation.  Thank you for all of your notes, your words, and your prayers for sweet Audrey.

Susannah checked me over this morning and confirmed that I was not in labor yet.  I was really surprised because of how strongly I was feeling contractions yesterday (every 2 minutes or so for several hours, but not getting stronger with time).  She did a quick ultrasound, and although it is really hard to tell without the benefit of amniotic fluid, it appears that Audrey is now in what they call a “transverse breech” position, basically laying horizontally instead of vertically. I prayed last night that I would gain some insight as to why my stomach looked different, and why things just seemed to have shifted.  I feel like that prayer was answered today, and I am really grateful for that.  I am also profoundly grateful for Susannah, who spent an hour talking and crying with us.  Her heart and spirit are ever-present in our time together.  Susannah, you are a bright beacon to us.  Thank you.
At every ultrasound we have been to for the last few months, we have asked the technician to try and get a photo of her profile.  Because of the way she has been positioned (which everyone agreed “would not change,”) we were unable to get one. Today, as soon as Susannah put the little wand on me, she was right there…her little profile looking upward in clear view.  It was such a gift not only because I felt like I got a glimpse of who she is, but also because she is constantly reminding all of us that she is not interested in submitting to medical theories regarding what she is “able” to do. 
She is able to do what God enables her to do, and today, that was to look at Him.  
I heard a song from Selah’s upcoming record today (to be released in the Fall), and it just blew me away.  Todd is singing Michael English’s arrangement of the old hymn “I Surrender All,” and it pretty much verbalizes the way we are feeling right now.  I have asked permission to post it on here, and we are awaiting approval from their record label.  If I get the okay, I will add it tomorrow. It ministered to me greatly, and reminded me of what a gift we are given to be able to trust Him with our hurts.  It is the cry of my heart tonight that Audrey will feel nothing but that peace as she grows and develops.  
And a note to all you rowdy Selah fans who are thinking of downloading it….just remember that Jesus is watching you.