This is Angie’s friend, Jessica. I will be updating this blog on behalf of Angie in the days ahead. You each have become so important to her. Thank you for your prayers, kind words and interest in Audrey’s story. None of it is taken for granted.

Angie and Todd will be arriving to the hospital today around 2 pm central time. Her c-section is scheduled for 4 pm. Please be praying for these next hours of preparation – for Angie, Todd and her family, as well as for the medical staff that will be caring for Angie and Audrey.

Angie’s friend and Audrey’s namesake, Audra, spoke with Angie this morning and said that Angie is doing very well, all things considered. She was very calm and peaceful. Todd shared a similar report with me about an hour ago.

I will do my best to update again soon. Thank you again for your prayers.