Audrey Caroline Smith was born at 4:31! When she was born, she made a few squeaks and noises, so Angie and Todd immediately knew she was breathing and alive. Audra said that she is simply beautiful and looks a lot like the twins looked when they were born. She has fiery red hair, weighs 3 lbs., 2 oz. and is 15 inches long. However, Audrey’s heart rate is very low and they are expecting to her to pass, but have not indicated how long she will live. Right now, everyone is simply spending time loving her.

Todd just gave her a bath and they are going to take some photos with her.

Angie is doing very well and is so joyous to spend time with Audrey. Audra said that she looks radiant. Abby, Ellie and Kate have not met her yet, but will hopefully be at the hospital to meet her soon.

Please continue to pray for Audrey and the Smiths during this special time they have together. I will post an update again when I receive one.

Thank you for your compassion, love, prayers and support.