Hello all – this is Jessica posting (a friend of Angie’s, for those who are new to the blog). I have great news to share – Angie is going home from the hospital today! Originally, the doctors told her she would go home Thursday, so getting to go home a day early is a big blessing. Thank you for your continued prayers of healing for her body.

Angie and Todd have been blown away by the reach of Audrey’s story, just in the past three days. This blog has received hits from every state in the US and more than 90 countries! Much of the traffic has come from others referring people to the site – from big sites like Celebrity Babies to individual blogs. Angie and Todd wanted me to thank each of you who have told Audrey’s story – whether online or just in daily life to a family member, friend or colleague. It means more to them than I can adequately express in words.

Angie also asked that I communicate how much your comments, emails and letters have meant to her and Todd. They have received hundreds and wish that they could reply to every kind word, but they simply cannot. What I can promise you is that your words are read and truly appreciated by Angie and Todd. The messages sent are bringing healing amidst the heartache of losing Audrey. Last night they read through many of the comments left on the blog in the past few days and just wept. You each are such a big part of this story. Thank you for reaching out. Please do not think that your words have gone unnoticed because you haven’t gotten a reply from Angie and/or Todd. Your kind and loving words have definitely made an impact. They simply just cannot write to every person who has written. Please though, continue to leave comments and send emails. They are a powerful reminder of God’s love and faithfulness during this difficult time.

Thank you for the love and encouragement that you have expressed.