Hello all.

I wanted to write tonight and tell you a few things before I turn in for the night.  Firstly (and with her permission), I want to introduce to you my friend Adrienne.  She is the girl I asked you to pray for in my last post.  Click on her name and meet her sweet family…they are amazing.  I would update you here, but I would love for you to hear it in her words.  She has had a hard week, and I want to thank you for your prayers on her behalf.  I know how much it means to her….and despite the sadness, she says she is feeling peaceful.  One of my prayers for this blog has been that it would be a place where women with shared experiences could connect, and feel safe sharing their stories with each other.  If you feel led, I would ask you to continue to pray for her, her husband Jim, and their son Owen.  I am sure she would love to hear from you; I know that so many of you can relate to this season in their lives.
I cannot tell you how encouraged I am to see how many people are praying for our family.  I spoke to Nicol this afternoon (they are in town for a week or so), and she said that she had read through most of the comments, and was so moved by them.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for your love and devotion as you walk with us.  You will probably never know what your words and prayers have meant…we are so blessed to have you.
Amy Perry (who sings in Selah) came in town on Tuesday to just “be” with us. She lives in California, so this was not an easy thing to do.  She has been cooking, cleaning, and watching our kids all week, and they are as sad as Todd and I are to see her go.  It has been so great to sit around and talk and watch gymnastics on T.V., and laugh together while the kids color ten million pictures and “Aunt Amy” acts like each one is more beautiful than the last.  You are a gift that we treasure dearly, Amy.  
Speaking of women I love and respect….guess who is coming to visit me next weekend? I’ll give you a clue…this time, she knows she’s going to see me….:)  I will make sure and post pictures so you can see what their family is up to these days. I can hardly wait!
As a sidebar, I have to share this story with you because it has had me laughing all day.  Last night as I was putting the girls down for bed, I was reading them a story and Abby started trying to make her hair curl up on the ends.  It was still wet from her bath, so it was actually working.  She would cup it in her hands on each side of her head and press it up so it kind of looked like Patty Duke. This is the conversation that followed.  I’ll warn you now, there is no Bible lesson hiding, just a good giggle.
“What are you doing, Ab? You look like you’re hard at work on a hairstyle.”  She releases her palm and her hair turns up at the ends while Ellie stares, fascinated.
“I’m doing it like the lady at Kroger with the ponytails.”
I have no idea what she is talking about.  In fact, I shop at Publix.
“What lady at Kroger?”
“You know, the one with the bows and the ponytails.  Where you buy your burgers.”
No clue. I stare at her.
“Do you mean Pippi Longstockings?”  
I don’t know why I asked, because my kids have 1)never seen the movie, and I’m pretty sure Pippi never 2) had a part-time gig at Kroger or 3) sold me a burger.  But for some reason, she was the only flip-out hair person I could think of.  What can I say? I dressed up like her for Halloween and I was really proud of my ingenious “undo a wire hanger and wind it through your ponytails to make them stick out” trick.  
Which would have been extra cool had I not been in the eighth grade. 
Let’s just say, I missed the memo that all girls should wear football jerseys with black lines under their eyes or animal costumes to be “festive and adorable.” Awesome choice, Ang.  For future reference, if you don’t want to make Homecoming Court or be invited back, you should definitely wear big black boots and a torn dress and paint freckles on your face for a Junior High Party. 
I might as well have gone as a giant hot-dog.
I digress.
Abby looks at me.  She is confused, and I realize she has no idea what I am talking about. Suddenly it hits me.
“Oh, like WENDY!!!!” I immediately picture the familiar fast-food redhead. Now it’s obvious.  The ponytails, the bows, the flip, the burgers.  I am still not sure where the Kroger thing comes in, but I decide not to press my luck.  I give her a kiss and start to giggle because I am thinking of my ridiculous costume, and how many stories I have like this from my childhood. She smiles and starts to laugh too, even though she has no idea what is so funny.  
“I love you, Abby.  Sleep tight.”  I walk to the door and turn the light off.  From her bed in the darkness, this is what I hear.
“I love you too mommy, but I have a question. Who is “Pee-pee Longstalker???”
I literally cannot stop laughing as I type.  And it reminds me that I haven’t told you about their “adorable” haircuts you all keep asking me about.  Let’s just say it involves my eldest daughter, a treehouse, and a pair of scissors.
Another day….
With much prayer, thanksgiving, and laughter,