***updated 7/3*** Just want to let you know that the author of the Jesus Storybook Bible posted on MY blog!!!! It’s true!!!! Read for yourselves!!!! Her name is Sally Lloyd Jones and now I am going to have to stop stalking her because she knows I exist…Can you BELIEVE it??????  Also, a few of you asked if I was open to adoption…the answer is ABSOLUTELY!!!!! Thanks for asking! 
Hello friends! I hope you are well.  I have been wanting to write this post forever, and I just found a window of time and finally sat down with some of my “most frequently asked questions.”  Kate is taking a nap and the girls are playing with our sweet neighbor-friend, so I will see how far I get….***update*** She woke up after about 15 minutes…it is now almost 11 p.m. the next day and I am just now sitting down to finish this!
Because these are so frequently asked, I am not going to type out each question, because I am pretty sure you will know what it was when you read the answer.
Also, I am feeling a little “virtual-link” happy today.  I just think it’s fun that I finally figured it out, so feel free to just travel wherever you want to. Okay, here we go!
·      The song that plays when you click onto the blog is by David Crowder, and it was released (best I can tell) on an early CD that is no longer available.  I have no idea why, and Todd and I actually stood in a long line to try and talk to him about it at the Dove Awards (the week after Audrey was born), and when I got about 2 people away, I started sweating profusely and decided I was too nervous to talk to him, so we ducked out of line. I know, I’m a total dufus. It’s just that I love his music and I was, well, a little emotional.  I am still kicking myself, and if I get the chance, I will tell him how much his music has meant to me, and I will be sure to wear a stronger deodorant.
·      I read the NIV version.  I am kind of a Bible junkie, so I own one in just about every version, but NIV is my favorite.
·      I am Protestant…I am a member of Grace Community Church, and our Pastor Scott Patty is amazing. He’s the kind of Pastor who makes you believe in the power of the Gospel with his words and his life.  He is also the kind of Pastor that calls your house several times a week when you are in crisis and makes you feel like you are the only person in his congregation.  We are SO blessed to have found our Church home…we have attended Grace for about 3 years.
·      Between 100,000 and 150,000 people/hits (to use my cool new blogger lingo…here’s another one I recently learned…”delurk.” I like that.) per week. And yes, I think it’s crazy 🙂
·      I’m not sure if we are going to have more children…we will see what God says when the time comes.  Currently, I am not allowed to get pregnant because of my c-section…I will have to wait until next Fall to be healed enough to try.  If God gives me a peace about that being His will, then absolutely, yes, we would love another (or another 10! Whatever!)
·      I weigh 100 pounds.  OK, nobody asked that and it isn’t even true, but it’s my blog and I’m really skinny on it.
·      My favorite Bible teachers are Beth Moore and Priscilla Shirer.  If I met either one of them, I would probably pee on myself.  That was not the holiest way I could have phrased that… but I’m pretty sure they will both have special chairs very near to Jesus in heaven.  One time, Todd had an event with Beth (I didn’t meet her face to face…did you read the part about David Crowder????). I just flat-out think she’s amazing.  My favorite Bible Studies of hers are probably Breaking Free and The Patriarchs. Todd also did an event with Priscilla (I’m not on a first name basis with either one of these ladies, but again, it’s my blog).  He called me and said, “Ang, someone wants to talk to you” and handed her the phone.  She told me who it was and I giggled and tried (unsuccessfully) to form sentences in my native language. Last week her brother Anthony Evans (he is a singer and knows Todd from music stuff) asked us to come out and ride his horses with him (umm, yeah, I’m serious.  I have pictures to prove it). It was a blast and I did my best to play it cool about the whole “you’re related to Priscilla thing.”  In case you don’t know his dad is Tony Evans, the preacher.  That poor family needs to figure out how to serve the Lord with their gifts a little better…:)
·      My favorite song (today) is Tears of the Saints by Leeland.  If I could figure out how to post it legally here, I would.  It is amazing.  My other favorite is “Your Name” by Anthony Evans.  Ellie asked me to roll the windows down at a stoplight the other day because she thought the guy next to us needed “to hear about Jesus.”  I agreed.  There is at least a small chance I saw him on “America’s Most Wanted” at some point.  You know the vibe…
·      I love Beth Moore.  I think I already said that.  It’s worth repeating. Did I tell you about the special chair? I’m sure it’s in the Bible.
·      My favorite Book in the Bible (today) is James. 
·      The plaque that was on my mantle in the “Crosspoint Video” was sent to me by a woman named Kaye.  Her website is www.engravedeuniques.com.  She was a complete stranger who took the time to send us several pieces of her tile art, which we treasure (and she isn’t really a stranger anymore!) 
·      Sawyer is doing great! You won’t believe how big he has gotten….here’s a recent photo. Isn’t he gorgeous? He is such a sweet pup.

·      I stay close to God by spending time in His Word.  It looks small on paper, I know, but that’s the only way you can consistently walk with Him.  When I’m not reading my Bible faithfully (yes, it happens!!!), I feel like the distance creeps up.  It’s not boring!!! I promise!!! I hope to keep encouraging you to find this out for yourselves…
TTThose are Abby’s feet in the “jumping in the rain” picture on the sidebar.  The photo is a few years old.  Here are a few more from that day so you can see how much they have grown…

·      I do want to share more photos of Audrey! I am waiting on the photographer to get them to me (he is moving his studio and I know it’s crazy for him).  I am excited to post them as soon as I can! Hopefully it will be soon.
·      Yes, I would love to sell your purses (and other items) on E-bay and give the money to charity! I am so excited that people want to do this…I need to figure out how it all works…any ideas?
·      I do read all of my email, even if I don’t respond.  I am a few (hundred…yikes…) behind right now, but I love reading them.  I just don’t want to rush through, so I have to find pockets of time to really be present with whoever has written.  Please don’t stop writing! I love hearing from you, just trying to balance my time right now. 
·      “I Will Carry You” will be released on a Selah CD next Spring. 
·      I have a little area of my house devoted to Beth Moore.  Okay, that’s a lie too, but if it wasn’t idol worship, I probably would.  At least a little candle or something? framed pictures? A life-sized cardboard cutout? Such a delicate balance between admiration and a restraining order…
·      The name of the children’s Bible that I love is “The Jesus Storybook Bible.”
Phew.  OK, what am I missing? 
I will leave you with a verse that God has brought to me many times in the last few days, and it has brought me great peace.  I hope it does the same for you.
“The Lord your God is with you,
He is mighty to save.
He will take great delight in you,
He will quiet you with his love,
He will rejoice over you with singing.”
Zephaniah 3:17
May your home be blessed tonight with the sound of His sweet singing, and may He quiet you with His great, unfailing love…