***7/13 update***Everyone is doing great…I haven’t downloaded my photos yet, so if you want to meet Elias, please go to Jessica’s blog…they have posted several videos and pictures of the sweet pumpkin pie.  We are going to head over this evening with the girls, so hopefully I will get some more photos then.  I just wanted to thank you all for your prayers and words of encouragement while Jess was in labor/delivering.  I know I don’t know all of your faces, but you have been my friends for months, and I am so glad you walked this with us as well.  I am grateful for you…each of you.  I can’t wait to squeeze your necks in person one day and tell you what you have meant to me.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  

***Elias is here!!!!*** He was born at 5:03 am and weighed 8.36 pounds…he is absolutely adorable. We are all exhausted but just so grateful that he is here and that he is healthy. Jessica is doing well. We are trying to decide who he looks like, but we aren’t sure yet. Thank you so much for your prayers during the night…I will post photos after I get a good nap:)

***12:00 a.m. update*** Jess got an epidural and she is resting..she was on a really high dose of pitocin, and just was not progressing. It was really, really bad pain…she was UNREAL. We are so proud of her hard work, and she is comfortable right now, which we are so grateful for. If you are still awake, please keep praying for her. It is going to be a long night but we are so excited to meet him!!! Come on Elias!!!

***10:40 update*** no baby, not progressing much…wow, jess is amazing. please keep praying…she is in so much pain but she is so determined.
please pray for:
-her headaches
-her labor to progress
-no more medical intervention unless totally necessary for hers/elias’ sake
-her pain level
-pockets of rest
-a baby to come soon!!!!!!
thank you so much for your comments…we are reading them and they are encouraging to all here…i will keep you updated after she is checked again in the next little bit…
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Sort of.

My friend Jessica was admitted to the hospital last night to have her sweet baby boy. I got a call at 5:30 am and headed over. She is not progressing as fast as she was hoping, so I am going to ask for your prayer for her labor. She is going naturally (like me…uummm, not really. I asked for the epidural when I hit the 7 month mark. I was willing to drag that thing around for two months if it meant no pain…..:)). Jess is a TROOPER. Here’s the quick version. They had to induce because she had developed hypertension as well as pre-eclampsia. She got into the hospital around 7 and they didn’t get a room for her for two and a half hours. She had to have her IV placed 4 times before it was successful, and then after a few more not so pleasant moments (involving faulty catheters), she got about an hour’s worth of sleep. She was wanting as little intervention as possible, and unfortunately they have had do give her pitocin and magnesium sulfate. It’s not fun stuff. She hasn’t been checked in the last few hours, but at last check she was only 4-5 cm. She has a really bad migraine right now, and it is so hard to see her hurting so much. Her contractions are only coming every 7-8 minutes now…
I am one of her birthing coaches, so I am here for the long haul tonight and I will keep you posted as there are updates. She and her husband Matthew are also posting on their blogs if you want to check in there for updates. If you are new to my blog, Jessica is the friend that kept you all updated while I was having Audrey.
Please pray for her labor, for her husband, and for me as we support her today.
More to come…
Thanks for “being here” with us…you are so appreciated.