Okay, as promised, here are a couple photos.
First up, the x-ray. You can see the new teeth pushing out the old teeth. It is wrinkly-looking because it has been wadded up in my purse, in the event that Abby wants to show it to the check-out lady at Target. Or Sawyer. Or anyone who will listen. Those top teeth are not going to be as giant as they appear, right???? Anyone a dentist out there??? They look LARGE. 
And next, the chicken.  Need I say more?
She goes in for the cut…
And, here he is. Notice she is now too disgruntled to look at the camera.
So as I was posting these pictures, I came across a couple others that I thought you might enjoy. If you have read my entire blog, a) you are very patient, and b) you will recognize these from stories I have told…..
Remember when I told you (I Thee Wed…) that Abby pretended she was pregnant with a care bear?
Or that after we put the band-aids on the bunny, the girls had a little custody battle….

Or how about the time I told you Ellie cut her own hair? Yep, she really did.

And one time I mentioned that Kate was wearing an outfit that involved a life-jacket swimsuit?
                                                                         work. it. girl.
So fun.  And speaking of fun, how about a giveaway?!?!?! I love giving away great stuff, so here’s what we’re gonna do.  I am going to give away 5  SELAH BOX SETS!!!! If you want to enter to win one, just leave a comment on this post.  I will have a random number thingy choose 5 people from the list to receive a box set.  It is such great music…I had to share some!!!!! So, leave a comment and I will check back in tomorrow night to see who our winners are!!!! Please leave your comment before 6pm tomorrow night (9-9).  
Blessings to you all~