I wanted to post these so you all could see the beautiful room you helped us decorate for the Hope Clinic.  The mommy who will be in it had her baby this week, and will certainly be blessed by your generosity….
This first one is Kyla (who did not see my butt), me, and Lauren (who, incidentally, has also never seen my butt).

This last one is Renee (CEO and president of the Hope Clinic) holding up the tile that Kaye made for the house.  
The wreath above the bed is made of cherry blossoms in honor of our Audrey-girl.  I cried when I walked in and saw it all put together…what a sweet blessing you have given.  Thank you to each and every one of you who helped to make this a safe haven, and may the Lord repay you for your generosity…
Also, please pray for me if you think of it on Friday. I have my speaking engagement in Lexington and I am really wanting it to be a great night of fellowship. Please ask the Lord to bless the women who come to meet Him there.
And also pray I don’t pass out and show my pirate panties.
Love and blessings,