Final Update. Unbelievable.  He didn’t get to ask his question, but man, Wally-World never looked better.  Highlight of the evening: Abby asking why he was just listening to them and not singing.  She is irritated that he just sat still the whole time instead of performing.  Hard to explain the whole “potential leader of the free world takes precedence” thing.  Anyway I just talked to Toddy and he is on his way home….he said that Obama asked him what he did for a living and when Todd told him the name of the group, he said, “I’m going to look you all up on the internet.” And Todd volunteered to send him some CD’s.  Preach it, baby!!!! So, needless to say, I will have to post the funny kid stories tomorrow when I have gotten some sleep.  Thanks for all of your emails and notes of encouragement.  This served as a great distraction on a hard day….and please, be praying tonight for our country and our future president.  Goodnight!!!!

Update #3 Todd is the second one on the right of the stage, green shirt, bald head. He is next to another baldie…I can’t believe he’s that close (to the candidates, not the baldie)!!!

Update #2 Todd just found out where he will be sitting. Turns out you might actually see him because he is in the FRONT ROW. Yes. I’m serious. He is beside himself. He is all secret-service about it and keeps calling me and talking in code, telling me where he is. I don’t know that he needs to be talking in code, but I think he feels tough on account of his new outfit. He was right in the middle of a sentence and they called everyone into another room and he was like, “Gotta Go.” Click. Unbelievable. So there’s the 4:50 pm update. Also, C-SPAN will be covering the debate a half hour before and a half hour after if you want to tune in. If not, just look for cutie-pie bald man in the front row. Please pray for him to feel calm…he said that they don’t know who will ask their questions until the ACTUAL moment in the debate, where they say (for example), “Todd Smith has a question….” and then they ask it. Can you say AHOY, matey?!?!?!? I’m so glad it’s not me….

Update #1 (I’m sure there will be many today!!! Feel free to tune me out if you get bored:)) Todd just called me from a “break.” He was so excited he could barely speak. Apparently there are about 100 people who are there and he is definitely going to be “on the stage” tonight. Out of the 100,000 calls they made, he was #10, so he thinks that means he will be up there. And also, he just got to shake Tom Brokaw’s hand. I am trying to imagine what that would feel like, only in my version, it’s Brangelina. Anyway.

He might get to ask a question on stage tonight, and he is really pumped. He is going to murder me when he reads this, but bless his heart, he was pacing around our kitchen the other night in his boxers practicing his question over and over at 2 a.m. He is the sweetest thing, and his question is REALLY good (although I am sworn to secrecy because it could affect his chances of asking it). I’ll keep you posted!!!! Go TODD!!!!!!
(original post follows)

First, let me post this for you all from my sweet husband…he sent this email out this morning to friends and family.

“OK, here is the latest.

In case I didn’t tell you all. I got called randomly by The Gallup Poll last week and by the end of the conversation was asked to be a part of the debate tonight at Belmont between Obama and McCain!!

Gallup called again last Wednesday asking for my SS# and telling me where to meet today. They said I would be receiving a packet by Monday the 6th with instructions.

NO packet came yesterday so I thought, “Oh great, I just got duped by some brilliant con artist.” Angie was sweet enough to tell her Bible study last night about it and to pray about it.

Thank you ladies.

Gallup called at 7AM this morning. Apparently Fed Ex wasn’t so Fed Ex. A bunch of people didn’t get their packets, or they found them in their hedges, or on the other side of their lawn!!

All that to say I am in, and thanks to the 24 hour always open time I will be wearing something very fashionable from WALMART because I have not had time to go anywhere else!!
I got there at 2AM last night and kept all the tags on until this morning just in case I really did get duped.

I’m bringing my cell phone, but once I get to the meeting they said I will probably have to shut it off. I will try to update Angie if I can. Many of you had great suggestions for questions. Chad Cates said I should ask them about “CCM music, and who their favorite trio vocal group is in CCM!” Excellent question, but I won’t be asking that one. Allan had suggested, and I might take him up on this, that I write Selahonline on my belly, and than if I get asked a question raise my shirt up like I’m stretching and and show it off like the “Soybomb” guy did when Dylan performed at the Grammy’s!! Okay, very scary thought.

I am so excited and I can’t wait to experience this.

There is no guarantee that I’ll get to be on stage or ask a question, but if you do see me get to ask one, just pray when I talk I won’t turn into Pres. Bush on camera!! “We’re gonna put food on your family.”

take care


I’ll email everyone tonight when I get back home. We meet Tom Brokow this morning and than they will go through and choose from the questions we have pre-written down. I’m allowed to prepare two.”

So, it was FOR REAL!!!!!!! I was scared yesterday that he had gotten his hopes up for nothing. The rumor is that they only invited 150 people by phone (completely random selection!) and Todd was one of them. He went to college at Belmont and is SO excited. He is wearing a green oxford-ish shirt and khaki’s, and he has no hair, so we might be able to spot him tonight at the debate!!!! Just wanted to let you all know. Incidentally, the doorbell rang while I was typing this and “the packet” arrived. I’m sure he will keep it as a souvenir…

I’m so excited for him. Please pray for his day!!!!!

In other news, the contest for “funny kid story” is over, and I will be announcing the winners today, so check back in a little bit. I am really excited to be a part of this particular giveaway because it involves one of my best friends. Remember Jessica? Well, her husband (as you may already know) is an author, and his latest book, “Churched,” released today. It is his first hardback book, and it is HILARIOUS. He gave me an advance copy and I read it in 2 nights:) It chronicles his life growing up in a very conservative church, and let me tell you, the world through Matthew’s eyes is a treat. If you are interested in purchasing it, you can do so here. His blog is So proud of you Matthew…

And the winners of the contest will all get a signed copy of the book!!!! I still have a few more to read, but I will post them this afternoon.
Finally, there is a sweet woman who I have been corresponding with in the past few months, and today is the day she welcomed her baby boy, Isaac. He lived for about 16 minutes, and is now with the Lord. Please visit her blog if you want to offer support, and please pray for great peace for her today.

For those of you who follow my blog, you may have noticed that today is the sixth month mark of our Audrey’s passing. I am okay (I think?), but really missing her. It is a rainy day here, and somehow I knew it would be. I think we are going to head over to her grave in a little while and sit. Please remember us in your prayers today, and our sweet baby girl. It is hard to believe it has been half a year since she was with us. I want to write more about what I am feeling, but honestly, my spirit just feels tired.

I know there is a lot of information in this post, and it feels a little “all over the place.” I am not editing, and I want you to know I am grateful to have this place to come with my morning coffee and just share a little life, as jumbled as it feels sometimes. Oh, how I need Jesus today.

So, in conclusion…

Pray for the hubby
Buy a great book
Pray for Stacy and Isaac (and the whole family)
Pray for me
Check back for a good laugh later this afternoon when I post the great kid stories people sent

That probably would have been easier….

I will be back in a little while~