***UPDATE*** So many of you have asked about the frame, so I will tell you the truth. Todd began with a large piece of wood from our backyard and then he spend his evenings by candlelight, utilizing his newfound “wood whittling” skills. He also painted it and wrote the words, and even though it says “Albert Einstein,” it was totally Todd’s quote. We just want people to think we’re smart.
Either that, or we found it at a little boutique in Destin and it is manufactured by the Magnolia Lane Collection, which can be accessed HERE. Mine is the 20×20, and it is GORGEOUS in person.
But seriously, Todd whittling? Almost as funny as the nativity set featured in THIS post. I can’t stop laughing at Mary’s hair…sweet Caroline…
Also, if you want to cry AGAIN, scroll through the comments to this post and see what MckMama has to say…2 women who love Jesus and their babies. I am in awe of the Lord. Thank you, friend. Much love to you:)
You may have noticed new little gadget on the top of my sidebar announcing that I won the Divine Caroline award, and I kind of feel like I am at the Golden Globes.  Although, I am in my P.J.’s with no makeup and in no position to make a public speech:) There were almost 400 blog nominations in this category, and because of your kindness and love of my family, WE (you and I) won in the “best parenting blog” category.
At the risk of going a little Sally Field on you, I just want you to know that it means the world to me.  ALL of the proceeds will go to this really cute pair of shoes  THE HOPE CLINIC!!!!! Note please, that the strikethrough capability above was executed courtesy of MckMama, who was nipping at my heels for this award, and would have also given her money to charity. I love that girl, and I know you all do too:) I happen to know her a little more personally through e-mail and I can tell you she is WAY fun and just a true gift to share a little life with. What a strange way to become connected to someone, and yet I am so grateful to have met her.
So, all this to say thank you ever so much. I am super-duper proud to have won.
Instead of saying any more today, I will simply encourage you to do your scripture memory. I’m at verse 8, but it isn’t because I am an overachiever, but rather a procrastinator, and it’s a good idea for me to get ahead in anticipation of getting behind.  How poetic and revealing of me…
This is my thought for today, and it comes to you from just above my desk. It was my anniversary present from Todd this year, and  I look at it about a hundred times a day to ask myself which I am choosing.  Now it’s your turn.
Nothing, or everything?
Isn’t she beautiful? 
And what a miracle.
God be with each of you~