Thank you so much to all of you who came out last night to the Selah concert (and to those of you who were with us in spirit!!!). I haven’t heard how much we raised, but it was a great night and my prayer is that God was glorified by the sound of His people worshipping together and giving of ourselves to try and help this worthy organization.

I had to go on stage, not once, but twice, and I’m going to head this one off at the pass.
I have gotten several emails already about my cutie-pie jeans and I wanted you to know about a well kept secret (hopefully you have these where you live). Certain TJ Maxx stores carry a designer section (the one in Nashville is the HomeGoods store off Franklin Rd), and they carry brand name jeans (maybe last season’s or extras or whatever) and they cost less than half of the orginal price (I bought a pair for about $30 that retailed for $180). So, I wanted to pass that along. Yes, they were cute jeans…go get ’em if you can find a TJ Maxx!!!
Shirt and scarf were courtesy of Kohl’s, which I can’t help but love (Oh, dear. Bigmama just passed out. Caroline, could you help her up, pumpkin? What am I thinking? She went down with momma. Dad? Neighbor? Anyone?). That place has everything. I love Carter’s and they are actual kid’s clothes, as opposed to the string bikini in a size 6 I saw at Old Navy yesterday. Sweet goodness.
OK, it is clear I have derailed into fashion world…let me get back to where I was headed.
I was so encouraged by all of your comments on my last post. I loved reading them (sometimes I just jot things down in a notebook that stood out…really neat or inspiring words, quotes, people I want to pray for etc.) and yesterday my hand was tired. But overwhelmingly, what I heard was that you “get it.” You’re with me…how do we figure this thing out? I am on my knees over it, and I will be praying that the Holy Spirit will speak to us about how to live in the in-between, and that we will have hearts that are easily molded to His will. 
I loved the way it felt like we were all just sitting around together, sharing life. Trying to see how it all fits together, and keeping our priorities straight. I also want to mention a thank you to those of you who commented or emailed and expressed that you wanted to be a part of the conversation, although you aren’t a Christian. You are welcome here….
(Insert abrupt shift in topic here)
Yesterday, I closed the car door on my finger again (yes, completely closed). Different door, different finger ( but as my tough-as-nails 90 year old Italian grandma said after she saw it happen, “At least it’s only a pinky…”).
So it is.
(Another shift, please…)
I got an amazing email from Shaun Groves yesterday (he’s heading up our trip to Calcutta). I told him that I knew that chances were virtually impossible, but if there happened to be a little girl in one of the projects that we were visiting who had the same birthday as Audrey, I would like to sponsor her.  Well, there wasn’t, but he did even better.
Turns out there is a 9 year old little girl whose birthday is April 7th, but she is not at one of the places we are going. Instead of just signing me up to take her (which, of course I would have anyway!), they have made arrangements for her to be brought to where we are on a day when we are close to her so that we can meet each other. I am crying as I write these words because my God never fails to amaze me. I cannot wait to share those pictures with you. I will be getting her packet in the mail next week, and hopefully I will get to know enough about her to bring her a gift that she will like.
I get updated every now and then on how many kids are being sponsored on my site, and let me tell you, the Sundays know how to give. 
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I am so proud to be a part of your lives. Whether it be jeans, scarves, cash, service, bad habits, secrets, shame…..let’s come together here and lay it before the Lord.
And don’t forget you can just click on that little Compassion sponsorship button and change a life. It is an amazing feeling….
And to all of you who wrote in about the Casting Crowns song about the in between- I LOVE it- I had never heard of it and now I am going to download it. Good to know that I’m not the only one who struggles with it:)
This post is partly jumbled because I am tired, and partly because I have to hold my right hand in an odd position to not let it touch the other keys….BUT, at least it’s just a pinky.
I actually think there’s a really good life lesson in there. In fact, I think I’m going to put you in my notebook, grandma:)
(Final shift. I promise.)
Pete is starting a new series at Crosspoint (and for clarification because so many of you have asked, this is not my home church, although I do Bible Studies there and led my Monday night study there as well). We go to Grace Community Church and we adore our church more than I can say. We also love the Wilson’s and support their ministry- they are dear, dear friends. We listen to his sermons online and sneak over to some of their night services on the days we need a “double dose:).” As you know, Pete will be with us in Calcutta as well, so please be praying for Brandi and her three boys as we are away.
Pete’s messages are now available online…audio is up the Monday after a sermon and video comes up Tuesday if you want to watch. I loved this intro to his new series…it looks so good that I wanted you all to get to see it. I get a lot of emails from people who are home-bound for one reason or another, and this is a great way for you to feel plugged into a church remotely. 
Have a great rest of the weekend, and may His love fill you to the brim (and maybe even overflow a little:)) Remember to pause the music, and try not to be distracted or irritated by the fact that a boy has hair this good. 

Back Seat Jesus_Promo from Cross Point Church on Vimeo.

Here is the link to all of the messages…