Meet Angie

Angie SmithHi! I’m Angie. I’m Todd’s wife, Ellie, Abby, Kate, Audrey, and Charlotte’s mommy, and a host of other things to many other people I love. Many people met me when they joined our journey a few years ago. While pregnant with my fourth daughter, Audrey, we found out that she would not survive after childbirth, and I began a blog as a means of communication with friends and family who wanted to be updated as we walked those difficult days.

My blog, Bring the Rain started as simply that-a way to share my heart and struggles honestly and to have the gift of listening when they took the time to speak back to me. Truthfully, not all that much has changed. I write books and Bible studies now and do some teaching around the country, but the heart of all of those ministries is the same as it was when my fingers typed the very first words on my blog. I want to share my stories and my love of God in the hopes that they will inspire you, make you feel like we’re friends, and hopefully, give you some really good laughs in the process.

My greatest passion is to make the Bible feel accessible and relevant, and to share my own ups and downs along the way to encourage others in their faith. Whatever brought you here, know you’re welcome to stay as long as you want. I’m glad to meet you here, and hopefully one day our paths will cross in the great big world as well. xoxo

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