Alli Watson

I prayed for years that God would bring me someone who I could trust to approach ministry the same way I did (but in a WAY more organized fashion), and He brought me Alli Watson. I want you to meet her here because she’s taken on a lot of behind the scenes roles, so you might see her name in emails or get to squeeze her neck if you come to one of my events.

She has become my partner in crime, and has restored my excitement about what the Lord has called me to do in her dedication and sincere passion for my calling. Every time I show up for an event, I have the pleasure of hearing, “Angie! You’re here! And ALLI!!!!!!” Such a gift 🙂 She’s one in a million, and I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to introduce you so you’d have a face to put with her name. She’s incredible, and I am so excited she’s here-you will be too. 🙂

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